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University of Connecticut Center for Microbial Systems,
Ecology and Evolution (CMSEE)

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Drug and Drug Target Discovery:
Searching for new drugs against diseases, cancer and microbes; use of comparative genomics to find potential drug targets.

Eukaryotic Microoganisms:
Study of protists, fungi, algae and other microscopic organisms with nuclei.

Functional Genomics:
Moving from genomes to functional information including proteomics and transcriptomics studies.

Genetic Analyses:
Linking individual genes to functions including phylogenetic profiling and mutagenesis.

Genome Biology:
Sequencing and annotating genomes.

Genome Evolution:
Investigating the evolution of genes, including the role of transfer of DNA, gene family expansion, and molecular parasites

Host-Microbe Interactions:
Studying the interaction and co-evolution of beneficial and pathogenic microbes with host animals or plants.

Microbial Ecology and Diversity:
Understanding the role of microorganisms in ecological processes and the spatiotemporal responses of microbial biodiversity to global change.

Microbial Physiology:
Studying physiology and metabolism of microbes.

Population Genetics, Genomics and Metagenomic Analyses:
Studying genetic differences of populations, genomes from communities and surveying microbial community using 16S rRNA gene studies.

Virus and Phage Biology:
Studying viruses and phages.


About This Site

Homepage for the Center for Microbial Systems, Ecology and Evolution (CMSEE)

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Lab Descriptions

Single pdf with descriptions of research programs


Joerg Graf & J. Peter Gogarten
Dept. Molecular and Cell Biology
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269-3125



2/17/2016, 4 pm in BPB 130

3rd UConn
Microbiology Symposium

Featuring new UConn and JAX GM microbiologists and an overview of the MARS Biotechnology-Bioservices Facility


3/9/2016, 4 pm in BPB 130
2nd Distinguished Microbiologist Lecture
Professor E. Peter Greenberg
University of Washington, Seattle
"Sociomicrobiology: Quorum sensing and cooperation in the bacterial world"



Past Events

(recordings will be available for a limited time)

5/12/2015 4th Annual CT Symbiosis Symposium

Flyer, Schedule,


4/1/15 4pm BP130
2nd Microbiology Symposium

Flyer and RSVP link here

Recording (you need to fast forward before anything happens)


4/15/15 4pm BP130

Inaugural presentation in the Distinguished Microbiologist Lecture Series
Professor Rob Knight
Univ. California, San Diego
“Dynamics of the Human Microbiome”

Flyer and RSVP link here